Ep. 63 – Something Wild

Jeff Daniels is SO square. Until he meets Lulu…or is it Audrey? A couple stolen bottle of scotches later finds them both headed to Pennsylvania for the high school reunion of a lifetime. In fact, one might call it the perfect high school reunion, complete with acts of felony and violence, and wait—wasn’t the supposed to be a comedy?! Holy crap, did that guy just get killed?!

Join us for Something Wild.

Ep. 62 – The Beauty and the Beast

Ah, a tale as old as time, a song as old as…holy &$%#, the candelabras are human arms that move?! The mantlepieces are living, mute heads that exhale smoke?! And…wait, you’re telling me that if one decision had been slightly altered, the Beast could have ended up in the body of Belle’s brother?! This is twisted…

Yeah, join us for The Beauty and the Beast—and not the one starring Emma Watson.