Ep. 47 – Carnival of Souls

Well, I think most of us can agree that 2016 has been nothing if not one giant dumpster fire, and in homage to the year that wouldn’t quit we’re diving back into the genre that best fits our collective mood: horror.

So, come join us as we take a long drag race off a short bridge with Carnival of Souls.

Ep. 46 – A Christmas Tale

It’s the holiday season–a time for family, hot cocoa, and a slew of cheesy Christmas movies–I’m looking at you, Hallmark Channel! But we’re not dealing with quite so cheesy cinematic fare. Instead, we’re going to watch a movie that delves into the lives of a dysfunctional family of…fallen child…prodigies.

Wait, didn’t we already watch The Royal Tenenbaums?! Oh, right, we’re visiting its holiday-themed cousin, A Christmas Tale.

Ep. 45 – The French Lieutenant’s Woman

This week we jump into the frame of a narrative spanning two time periods. Or is it two movies? Wait, what’s going on with this romance? Is Sarah crazy? What—is Sarah her name? What in the unholy name of postmodernity is going on here!?

Ep. 44 – My Own Private Idaho

All the best buddy movies are road-trip movies. Especially when half the tripping involves cocaine and Shakespearean tragi-comedy. Today we follow Ted–I mean Neo–I mean Keanu Reeves on a journey throughout the midwest and…Italy?! Really? They go to Italy…with nothing but a title card transition? Okay, fair enough. Join us–and the amazing River Phoenix–for My Own Private Idaho.

Off Correction 03 – Trolls, Fantastic Beasts, Allied, and Arrival

Spoilers ahoy, mateys! As a special surprise we’re releasing an extra episode this week. What does it have to do with pirates, you might ask? Well…nothing, actually. But we will be taking a look at four current box office releases: Trolls, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Allied, and Arrival. Which of these films might someday be added to the Criterion Collection?

If Jellyfish Eyes taught me anything, it’ll probably be Trolls…

Join us for some mainstream movie fun!

Ep. 41 – Rosemary’s Baby

Don’t trust guys named Guy: that’s just a good rule to follow. Especially when guys named Guy are covertly in league with a group of Satanists trying to ensure your unborn child will become the spawn of Satan. Yeah…this marriage has got a few issues to contend with. Join us for Rosemary’s Baby.

Ep. 001 | The Correction Podcast – That One Where We Talk About the Election

Raise the shields, Number One! We’re headed into slightly different territory than normal. Welcome to the pilot episode of The Correction podcast, where we talk about recent political events and try (as three liberally minded Americans) to come to terms with the 2016 election and make sense of how to move forward. While the Correction won’t be solely devoted to politics (we also like technology, culture, and fiction of various sorts), it’s a bit hard to step outside of the malaise that’s landed upon us.

Sometimes talking itself is a thing that can help, because words are actions.

Ep. 40 – The Ice Storm

Winter is coming. Join Frodo, Spiderman, and Wednesday Addams (with special guest appearance from Wild Wild West’s Artemus Gordon) as they weather a monster of a storm. Oh, and also as some of them partake in the mystic rituals of a key party. Wait, you do what with your keys?

Safety Warning: Never under any circumstances have direct physical contact with a guard rail…

Ep. 39 – Monty Python’s Life of Brian

“Alright, alright…but apart from weekly reviews and commentary on movies, quirky poetic plots, riveting banter, and the cinematic expertise of at least one wikipedia search, what has the Criterion Correction ever done for us?”

We’ve given you an episode on Monty Python’s Life of Brian, that’s what we’ve done!

Ep. 38 – Dressed to Kill

Do you like Hitchcock? What about Psycho? If that’s the case, then you’re in luck because we’re practically watching the same movie this week. Okay, okay, maybe it’s not the same movie, but it’s definitely got some loving homage going on. Join us as we talk about Dressed to Kill.