Ep. 78 – Stalker

Sometimes you gotta go where there’s no one that knows your name. Silly monikers are the game. You’ve gotta follow the Stalker’s path. Can’t turn around or you’ll never get back. Sometime you’ve gotta go to the Room in the Zone.

That’s right! We’re stepping into the surreal world of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker.

Ep. 68 – Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance

When we last saw Yuki, her mission was accomplished and she may or may not have been slowly dying after being stabbed. Her tale was done, right? Not so fast!

Because it’s time for Yuki to be recruited by the government to take down a rebellious organization hellbent on taking down the Emperor. Join Yuki as she singlehandedly takes down a corrupt government (in the first and last 10 minutes) and essentially cameos in her own movie: Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance.

Ep. 67 – Ghost World

It’s the summer, and summer means blockbusters, and blockbusters mean comic book movies. In that spirit, we’re going to follow the origin story of one of the greatest superheroes of all time: Black Widow. Okay, so it might not be her origin story, but I’m calling continuity, here! Join us to explore the absurdities of adolescence and adulthood in Ghost World.

Ep. 65 – Written on the Wind

This week on Love Triangles of the Rich and Famous, we join best pals and practically step brothers as they fight for the love of the same woman. Throw in a sister opposite the romantic lead and you’ve got a deadly serious plot. Join us for Written on the Wind.

Ep. 64 – Alphaville

Lemmy Caution stars in the adventure of a galactic lifetime. Join our intrepid super spy, Agent 003 as he infiltrates the insidious underbelly of Alphaville, a technocratic dictatorship ruled by A.I. (Google?) where emotions are outlawed and if you dare to dissent you’ll find yourself subjected to the newest Olympic aquatics sport: the 100-meter drown-a-thon competition.

Welcome to…Alphaville.

Ep. 62 – The Beauty and the Beast

Ah, a tale as old as time, a song as old as…holy &$%#, the candelabras are human arms that move?! The mantlepieces are living, mute heads that exhale smoke?! And…wait, you’re telling me that if one decision had been slightly altered, the Beast could have ended up in the body of Belle’s brother?! This is twisted…

Yeah, join us for The Beauty and the Beast—and not the one starring Emma Watson.

Ep. 61 – In A Lonely Place

Humphrey Bogart stars as Dix, a Hollywood writer with a bit of a drinking problem. An abuse problem. An anger management problem… Okay, so he’s got a lot of problems.

He really is…In A Lonely Place.