1950s movie

Ep. 66 – Les Diaboliques

What does one do when locked in an abusive relationship? Well, clearly one should conspire with the mistress to murder the cad. In some movies, that would be the entire plot, but in Les Diaboliques, it’s only the prologue. Thanks for another fantastic fan suggestion!

Ep. 65 – Written on the Wind

This week on Love Triangles of the Rich and Famous, we join best pals and practically step brothers as they fight for the love of the same woman. Throw in a sister opposite the romantic lead and you’ve got a deadly serious plot. Join us for Written on the Wind.

Ep. 61 – In A Lonely Place

Humphrey Bogart stars as Dix, a Hollywood writer with a bit of a drinking problem. An abuse problem. An anger management problem… Okay, so he’s got a lot of problems.

He really is…In A Lonely Place.