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Ed and Dr. Zed join together to watch a film from the Criterion Collection each week. Their goal: to figure out what makes a movie worthy of the collection and to decide, should they collect them all?

What is The Criterion Correction?

The Criterion Correction is a weekly film podcast that analyzes and talks through movies in the vast Criterion Collection of films. Each week the show features several skits including Poetic Plot, a summary of the movie in verse (or occasionally song).

The show recently surpassed its 100th weekly episode, revisiting the first movie covered by the podcast, Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums.

The Criterion Correction is currently free to download and listen to, without ads or other distractions. 

Release Schedule

New episodes drop every Thursday at 8am. We usually work on a two week recording delay to ensure that unforeseen circumstances don’t affect the show.


Currently we are working toward providing full transcripts with each episode via the help of our incredible Patreon supporters.  

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