Year 3

Ep. 96 – The Breakfast Club

Have you ever wondered why it’s called The Breakfast Club? They’re not a club and they never have breakfast! If anything, they should be called the Lunch Bunch! They’re just a bunch of random kids having lunch together. I guess maybe that wasn’t as catchy…

Ep. 95 – The Thin Red Line

War is hell. And so is a late third act romantic shift from an offscreen partner. Join us as we venture beyond The Thin Red Line.

Ep. 94 – This is Spinal Tap

Tonight we’re gonna rock you, tonight…with a none more black episode of the Correction that focuses on armadillos. That’s right, we’re watching This is Spinal Tap.

Ep. 93 – Through a Glass Darkly

If you’ve been looking for a happy, uplifting movie, then have we got the director for you! This week we return to the world of Ingmar Bergman to watch a picture-perfect family take a holiday. Join us for Through a Glass Darkly.

Ep. 92 – Personal Shopper

A supernatural thriller about a ghost, a girl, and a guy. Or wait, maybe it’s a psychological thriller. A murder mystery? But where’s the tension? Zed and Ed battle it out with the polarizing Personal Shopper.