Ep. 76 – Stalker (Repost)

Happy Holidays one and all! Dr. Zed went on vacation before wrapping the edit of our next feature, The Graduate (dropping the ball as always). So, in honor of nearing our third anniversary, we’re reposting our most popular episode to date, Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker. We hope you enjoy our take on a surreal masterpiece that inspired the more recent blockbuster, Annihilation, and we’ll be back next week with an all-new episode!

Ep. 135 – The Princess Bride

Some films are such classics that they’ve permeated the very fabric of pop culture. So it would be inconceivable for us to ignore The Princess Bride. Our names are Ed and Dr. Zed; you downloaded our podcast. Prepare to cry (tears of happiness).

OC 19 – New Release Roundup, Fall 2018

We take a break from movies in the collection to explore some movies that might someday be in the collection. Well, maybe two of them have a chance? Regardless, today we talk about Instant Family, Can You Ever Forgive Me, and Widows.

Ep. 134 – Y Tu Mamá También

We journey through the pathway to adulthood with pitstops through bildungsroman-ville and mortality-burgh. Join us for Y Tu Mamá Tabién.

Ep. 133 – The Double Life of Veronique

Ever feel like you’re alone in the world? Well, great news! It turns out we all have a doppelganger who is living almost the same life at the same time, and— …

Wait, what happened? A heart attack? On stage? Well, crud. Still, join us for The Double Life of Veronique.

Ep. 132 – Schizopolis

Schizopolis is a frame of mind. It is everything and nothing. Happiness and sadness. It is the beginning and the end. It is also a movie. A movie about a frame of mind. A movie about everything and nothing. A movie about happiness and sadness and two sets of doppelgangers just trying to get by in this tricky place called life. Come join us, though we have to insist: Nose army, jigsaw?

Ep. 131 – The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

This week we step into the intimate world of fashion design and one woman’s quest to achieve self-actualization. That and subjugate another designer to her will. Today we look at The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant.

Ep. 130 – Chungking Express

What do these two narratives have in common? One amazing midnight restaurant! And themes of love, connection, and odd turn of events. This week we’re off to Hong Kong for Chungking Express.

Ep. 129 – Don’t Look Now

Do you have a penchant for psychic visions? Are you interested in old cathedrals? Are you in the market for a lovely new Italian home? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got the remodeling deal of a lifetime for you. Just watch out for the kid in the red raincoat. But do join us this week for a discussion of Don’t Look Now.

Ep. 128 – Repulsion

Sometimes the most terrifying thing in the world can simply be darkness when you’re alone. Or, it could be a persistent suitor breaking in your door to profess his care and love. Or, maybe it’s the money-hungry landlord who will accept payment in forms other than money. And for them, the most terrifying thing might just be a candelabra and a straight-razor. You go get ‘em, Carol!