Month: April 2019

Ep. 151 – Cleo from 5 to 7

It seems like we’re always waiting for something. In this case, Cleo is waiting anxiously for the results of her medical examination. As she maneuvers throughout the busy streets of Paris, what will she make of the meaning of her life? This week we follow Cleo from 5 to 7.

Ep. 150 – Cameraperson

For our 150th episode, we’re going a bit meta and looking at the person behind the camera lens…by looking…through the camera lens. That’s right, we’re diving into a documentary with Kirsten Johnson’s Cameraperson.

Ep. 149 – Hour of the Wolf

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Does the hour right before dawn truly seem to be the darkest? If that’s the case, then we strongly suggest you don’t take up the invitation of your weird neighbors to go to an old castle for awkward dinner conversation. Your relationship might not be the same ever again.

Ep. 148 – Akira

Come with me and you’ll see a whole neo-Tokyo full of imagination. Then you’ll see that Tetsuo is causing devastation. Kaneda is chasing him with a laser. Bikes are blowing by like they’ve never been unsafer.

That’s right, we’re thinking Laserdisc and we’re watching Akira.