Month: December 2018

Ep. 136 – The Graduate

We’ve been on a roll of modern classics lately, so we thought we’d keep the streak going. This week we look at love and all its crazy trappings. After all, haven’t you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve become involved with one of your parents’ married friends whose known you since you were a child all while you simultaneously develop feelings for this woman’s daughter? Oh gosh, this is the stuff rom-coms are made us! Join us for The Graduate!

Ep. 76 – Stalker (Repost)

Happy Holidays one and all! Dr. Zed went on vacation before wrapping the edit of our next feature, The Graduate (dropping the ball as always). So, in honor of nearing our third anniversary, we’re reposting our most popular episode to date, Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker. We hope you enjoy our take on a surreal masterpiece that inspired the more recent blockbuster, Annihilation, and we’ll be back next week with an all-new episode!

Ep. 135 – The Princess Bride

Some films are such classics that they’ve permeated the very fabric of pop culture. So it would be inconceivable for us to ignore The Princess Bride. Our names are Ed and Dr. Zed; you downloaded our podcast. Prepare to cry (tears of happiness).

OC 19 – New Release Roundup, Fall 2018

We take a break from movies in the collection to explore some movies that might someday be in the collection. Well, maybe two of them have a chance? Regardless, today we talk about Instant Family, Can You Ever Forgive Me, and Widows.