Month: October 2018

Ep. 129 – Don’t Look Now

Do you have a penchant for psychic visions? Are you interested in old cathedrals? Are you in the market for a lovely new Italian home? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got the remodeling deal of a lifetime for you. Just watch out for the kid in the red raincoat. But do join us this week for a discussion of Don’t Look Now.

Ep. 128 – Repulsion

Sometimes the most terrifying thing in the world can simply be darkness when you’re alone. Or, it could be a persistent suitor breaking in your door to profess his care and love. Or, maybe it’s the money-hungry landlord who will accept payment in forms other than money. And for them, the most terrifying thing might just be a candelabra and a straight-razor. You go get ‘em, Carol!

Ep. 127 – Onibaba

War, what is it good for? In feudal Japan, it seems to be pretty good for losing sons to the battlefield while emphasizing the powerful bond between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Oh, and for discovering demonly masks that bestow the wearer with the power to frighten women into staying in a murder-prone home-life. Come along with us, to a place where we can watch Onibaba.

Ep. 126 – Sisters

Sibling rivalry doesn’t get much more intense than when you’re physically attached. Join us as we watch Brian De Palma experiment with the splitscreen effect in his 1973 thriller, Sisters.