Month: September 2018

Ep. 125 – The Silence

This week we return to the cheery world of Ingmar Bergman, to finish out his loosely-defined (or loosely-refuted) trilogy. That’s right, we’re heading to The Silence.

Ep. 124 – Smithereens

Are you ready for some punk glam? No, we’re not revisiting Sid and Nancy, but we are headed back to the trenches. Or back to a van at least. Hey, who would have thought modern punk was the origin of #vanlife? Join us for Smithereens.

Ep. 123 – Peeping Tom

Ah, the life of a photographer—capturing the spectacular beauty of the world. Preserving the perfect moments that reflect our momentary existence. Viewing the world through the distanced lens of a piece of machinery in an attempt to preserve and reflect upon the trauma visited upon one by a sadistic scientifically-motivated father whose fascination with fear leads to the desire to pass this affliction to others immediately before murdering them. Oh, and weddings. Join us for Peeping Tom.

Ep. 122 – The Sword of Doom

What happens to a samurai without honor? Well, apparently it’s a lot of bad stuff capped off with a bout of madness. Yeah, that seems like a fate worthy of anyone who would consider going after (in a minor character role) the fantastic Toshiro Mifune. Join us for the Sword of Doom.