Month: August 2018

OC 18 – Eighth Grade

It was the best of times—no, wait. It was the worst of times. Definitely the worst of times. Don’t you remember middle school? The awkwardness? The uncertainty? The constant sensation of dread from the pull of torturous social expectations and norms?! So we agree, it was the worst of times, but Eighth Grade grapples with the best of themes: navigating the pressures of adolescence.

Ep. 121 – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Beneath the sea lies beauty, adventure, and man-eating jaguar sharks. Hold onto your red caps and lock your sea laboratory door, because you’ve entered The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Ep. 120 – Walkabout

This week we head into the desert to learn more about ourselves. And snakes. And kangaroos. And the ephemeral pain of the inability to communicate due to the cultural barriers that separate us from one another in non-physical, yet terribly unfathomable ways. That’s right, we’re taking a journey. A Walkabout.

Ep. 119 – Sullivan’s Travels

If Hollywood loves one thing, it loves Hollywood. This week we’re taking on a movie that probes the nature of art all while not taking itself too seriously. Well, okay, maybe a little seriously at one point. Come along for Sullivan’s Travels.

Ep. 118 – La Haine

Socioeconomic strife is always fertile ground for a piece of cinema, but this week’s pick, La Haine, presents us with a harsh look at the timeless realities of institutional power imbalances and the struggles of being labeled an “other.”