Month: July 2018

Ep. 117 – The Virgin Suicides

Come with us on a journey into the unfathomable voyeuristic age of adolescence. How do we make sense of the lives that we only barely know? Join us for The Virgin Suicides.

Ep. 116 – Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

How does one measure the meaningfulness of a life? What is the goal of the artistic soul? Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters asks these important questions about the life of Yukio Mishima while rendering in vivid form some of the great Japanese author’s major creative works.

Ep. 115 – City Lights

The tramp is at it again! This week we look back to the final days of silent cinema, when artists like Charlie Chaplin had honed their craft to near-perfection. Join us for the slapstick antics of City Lights.

Ep. 114 – Barry Lyndon

This movie has it all. It’s a classic rags to riches tale: guy meets cousin, falls for cousin, fake duels cousin’s suitor, flees the country, joins the army, deserts the army, pressed into service in a foreign army, escapes through deception, meets another girl, marries her, ignores her, abuses adoptive child, has child… Okay, so maybe this isn’t your straightforward movie setup, but enjoy the ambience-infused cinematic adaptation of Barry Lyndon.