Month: June 2018

OC 17 – Solo and Hereditary

We catch up on some current movies and chat about whether Solo is a movie that needed to be made and our favorite *SPOILER* about Hereditary; Like, did you see *SPOILER* coming?!

Ep. 113 – Rumble Fish

You got your noir in my young adult drama. No, you got your young adult drama in my noir! Hold up, you’re both right! This week we take a trip to the grayscale side of life, where simple answers are blurred and the realm of colors offers fleeting hits at an existence on more than two axes. Gather ‘round and hear the sordid tale of Rusty James and his brother, the famed Motorcycle Boy, in Rumble Fish.

Ep. 112 – Grey Gardens

Sometimes the greatest tragedies are hidden in the most mundane circumstances. As we each move day-by-day through life, the most important gift can be that of perspective. For that reason, Grey Gardens offers us a perspective into lives that blur the line between the past and the present.

Join us for Grey Gardens

The Criterion Correction

Ep. 111 – Winter Light

It may be June, but it’s always January in Ingmar Bergman’s heart. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but see if you feel warm and cozy after watching one man’s deep existential crisis manifest itself in the chilly depths of winter. Join us for Winter Light, the film that makes The Seventh Seal look positively rosy in comparison.