Month: April 2018

Ep. 105 – Certain Women

Loneliness is the disease of the modern age, and Certain Women follows three women on the former frontier who are separately grappling with isolation. In the end, you might not find the emotional resonance you desire, but you might find that you’ve gotten insight into the things that haunt us all.

Ep. 104 – Blood Simple

We head down to Texas in this week’s episode, where a nasty love triangle results in a contracted murder that doesn’t go quite as planned. It’s a tale as old as time, and in the end it’s just Blood Simple.

Ep. 103 – The Piano Teacher

The life of an artist is challenging. First, there are the auditions, when you need to meet the arbitrary expectations of a jury of experts. Then there are the lessons. The endless lessons where you’re forbidden to speak. And then, when you finally think you’ve made it, some jerk puts broken glass in your pocket! The Piano Teacher might be one of the most realistic portrayals of the life of a music major out there.

Okay…maybe it’s got a bit more drama in it…

Ep. 102 – Election

The political machine is a corrupt, odious, unrelenting march toward the precipice of amorality and lies. And nowhere is that made more clear than in the saga of Tracy Flick—an ambitious high school student who will soon learn that the patriarchy is ever-present and clothed in the sensible garments of a history teacher. Join us for a look at Election.