Month: February 2018

OC 14 – Gerald’s Game

The flu has struck the podcast, so we’re bringing you an unreleased Off Collection this week. And if you, like us, are feeling under the weather, we’ve got a movie that will suddenly make you a lot happier with your current circumstances. Sure, the flu is awful, but would you rather be trapped in the middle of the wilderness? Join us for the Netflix-adapted Gerald’s Game.

Ep. 98 – Lost in America

Have you ever wanted to buck the trend and get off the grid? Do you enjoy traveling? Now, are you—or your partner—an undiagnosed gambling addict? If the answer is yes, yes, and yes, then have we got a plan for you that’ll let you enjoy the small things. Come along as we get a little Lost in America.

Ep. 97 – Punch Drunk Love

We join Adam Sandler as a man who grapples with anger issues and a potentially child-like development of selfhood. Wait…that’s most Sandler movies right? Well, in Punch Drunk Love, the Sandler archetype gets a little bit of a grimmer iteration. It’s at once the epitome and antithesis of what we would call a Sandler-movie. Hooray for breaking down binaries!

Ep. 96 – The Breakfast Club

Have you ever wondered why it’s called The Breakfast Club? They’re not a club and they never have breakfast! If anything, they should be called the Lunch Bunch! They’re just a bunch of random kids having lunch together. I guess maybe that wasn’t as catchy…