Month: November 2017

Ep. 87 – The Devil’s Backbone

When an orphan finds his way into a haunted refuge, who would have thought the supernatural would prove to be the least evil force in the story?

Ep. 86 – Branded to Kill

What do you get when you cross a steamed rice fetishist with a contracted killer? You get the #3 hitman in Japan. However, will he remain #3 for long? Find out in the classic, Branded to Kill.

Ep. 85 – Safe

Do you like the smell of hairspray in the morning? The burning sensation of car exhaust filling your lungs? What about that pesky fluoride in your public water? Wash all your chemical fears away with a nice glass of tasty milk, and join us for the unsettling story of Safe.

Ep. 84 – My Winnipeg

Visit lovely Winnipeg! Sunny Winnipeg! Hockey-filled Winnipeg! A city full of life (and forks in forks)! A city with many lovely boulevards (some that don’t appear on maps). Visit Winnipeg, the citiest of cities that ever citied (and be sure to escape via train).

Ep. 83 – Paris, Texas

Someday we’ll all find a way to our very own Paris, Texas. But hopefully it won’t be quite this harrowing of a ride.