Month: July 2017

Ep. 71 – Following

Do you like disjointed time sequences? How about plots that gradually reveal themselves in order to show how wrong your guesses were? If so, we’re betting you like the work of Christopher Nolan, which is why we’re going all the way back to his debut film: Following.

Ep. 70 – Time Bandits

Today we go through the looking glass—err, well, we go through a wall. Or is it through a hole? Wait, why is there a disembodied head shouting at us? Robin Hood?! Napoleon?

Join us for a trip to the dark side of childhood fantasy with Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits.

Ep. 69 – The Rock

James Bond and Ghost Rider. Hear me out, haven’t you been secretly wishing for this magical crossover? Well, it’s probably not in the cards, but venture back to the mid-90s and you’ll get a story of love, action, power, and…the ethicality of abusing the trust of military heroes forced to operate in secrecy…

…something tells me Michael Bay isn’t going to be treating this topic with any nuance.

Ep. 68 – Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance

When we last saw Yuki, her mission was accomplished and she may or may not have been slowly dying after being stabbed. Her tale was done, right? Not so fast!

Because it’s time for Yuki to be recruited by the government to take down a rebellious organization hellbent on taking down the Emperor. Join Yuki as she singlehandedly takes down a corrupt government (in the first and last 10 minutes) and essentially cameos in her own movie: Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance.