Month: June 2017

Ep. 67 – Ghost World

It’s the summer, and summer means blockbusters, and blockbusters mean comic book movies. In that spirit, we’re going to follow the origin story of one of the greatest superheroes of all time: Black Widow. Okay, so it might not be her origin story, but I’m calling continuity, here! Join us to explore the absurdities of adolescence and adulthood in Ghost World.

Ep. 66 – Les Diaboliques

What does one do when locked in an abusive relationship? Well, clearly one should conspire with the mistress to murder the cad. In some movies, that would be the entire plot, but in Les Diaboliques, it’s only the prologue. Thanks for another fantastic fan suggestion!

Ep. 65 – Written on the Wind

This week on Love Triangles of the Rich and Famous, we join best pals and practically step brothers as they fight for the love of the same woman. Throw in a sister opposite the romantic lead and you’ve got a deadly serious plot. Join us for Written on the Wind.

Off Collection #08 – Wonder Woman

This week we step away from the Collection once more to take a look at one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. Join us for a discussion of Wonder Woman.

Note: Spoilers are included past roughly the halfway mark of this episode, but we provide plenty of notice. Still, go see the movie!

Ep. 64 – Alphaville

Lemmy Caution stars in the adventure of a galactic lifetime. Join our intrepid super spy, Agent 003 as he infiltrates the insidious underbelly of Alphaville, a technocratic dictatorship ruled by A.I. (Google?) where emotions are outlawed and if you dare to dissent you’ll find yourself subjected to the newest Olympic aquatics sport: the 100-meter drown-a-thon competition.

Welcome to…Alphaville.