Month: April 2017

Off Correction #07 – Mystery Science Theater 3000

In the not too distant past, about two weeks ago, the rewards launched from a kickstarter that rescued our favorite show…

Bad movies were what originally brought together the dynamic duo of Ed and Dr. Zed, and that was thanks in no small part to the wonders of Mystery Science Theater 3000. We’ve talked up our love for this show in the past and now that the new season has finally arrived, we wanted to reflect on why this quirky concept captured our imaginations and give our thoughts on the new episodes.

Join us for a discussion about Mystery Science Theater 3000, and for the love of Big McLargeHuge, check it out on Netflix.

Ep. 59 – Phoenix

The ravages of war are countless, but the sting of betrayal is even worse. Especially when that betrayal involves your (ex?)husband pretending you’re his wife (which you are, he just thinks your not) in order to steal your money after condemning you to near-death (and the disfiguring injuries that lead him to not recognize you) in a Nazi concentration camp. Yeah, this one isn’t headed for a happy ending…or is it?

Join us for Phoenix.

Ep. 58 – Cat People

Some people love dogs. Some people love cats. And some people, when emotionally aroused turn into cats and kill whoever wrongs them. In this movie, we’ll let you guess which kind of people we encounter.

Ep. 57 – Gates of Heaven

Today we delve into our first Criterion documentary and follow the unique mission of one man: to open and operate a pet cemetery.