Month: February 2017

Off Correction 05 – The 2017 Academy Awards Ceremony Review

There were a lot of movies in 2016. Some of them were good enough to get nominated for this little golden statue named Oscar. I’m not sure why it’s named Oscar, but I remember there was an Oscar character in Short Circuit II–sadly, not a movie eligible for the Academy Awards this year. Or any year. Nevertheless, join us as we discuss the contenders for the top awards.

Off Correction 04 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

We pride ourselves here for always being very timely. That’s the reason why we’re headed out of the Collection today to focus on Rogue One. Because it’s…timely. Okay okay, so we realize we’re late to the party, but we hope you enjoy the episode anyway!

Ep. 51 – The Great Dictator

Sometimes we choose movies that happen to resonate with the current cultural moment. Certainly, we haven’t attempted any such thing this week. Nope. Instead, we’ll be viewing Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.

Ep. 50 Eraserhead

Come celebrate with us! The Correction has hit the 50-episode milestone! And to mark the occasion, we’re going to watch one of the best Criterion birthday movies imaginable—one which heralds all the joys of parenthood and…wait, what? We’re not watching Boyhood? It’s Eraserhead? Why in gods name would we celebrate with Eraser—I mean, yes, it’s Eraserhead!

Because of course we haven’t covered enough body horror flicks yet. Join us for David Lynch’s debut feature: Eraserhead.