Month: January 2017

Ep. 49 – Repo Man

What do you get if you cross Flubber with Badlands and The Mighty Ducks? Definitely not Repo Man, but they probably share some cinematic genetic code.

This week, join us as we hop into a Chevy Malibu and take a wild ride through the skies with our E.T. friends.

Half Correct | Ep. 02 – Ed’s Bottom Ten of 2016

Last week Ed regaled you with his top 10 (more like top 50…) movies of 2016. This week, we’re moving in the opposite direction and looking at the worst cinematic bombs to have hit the cineplex. Maybe the best that can be said is that they could eventually provide some nice fodder for RiffTrax or the resurrected MST3k.

Half Correct | Ep. 01 – Ed’s Top Ten of 2016

Welcome to a new offshoot of the Criterion Correction–Half Correct. Dr. Z is away from the show for a short stretch, but will be returning shortly. Until then, join us for Ed’s Top 10 movie picks of 2017, and yes, he has seen a lot of movies this past year. Just remember, if he didn’t pick your 2017 favorite, be sure to send all feedback courtesy of mind-melting telepathic scan.

Ep. 48 – Days of Heaven

Today on the Correction, join us for another bout of mayhem and…outlaw-ishness, with Days of Heaven.