Month: August 2016

Ep. 30 – Moonrise Kingdom

We’re going back to the beginning with our 30th episode of the Correction! No, we’re not rebooting the podcast already (despite today’s coolest trends), but we’re looking at another film from the aesthetically nostalgic Wes Anderson. What happens when love is sparked within the hearts of the young?

Well, a boy gets stabbed with lefty scissors, a dog is struck by an arrow (thankfully since this isn’t Heaven’s Gate we know the dog is fine), and a questionable adult performs a wedding for minors. Join us for the bizarre spectacle of Moonrise Kingdom.

And the coolest treehouse ever conceptualized!

Ep. 29 – Eating Raoul

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a message from the future. Episode 28 – The Gold Rush has been lost in a tragic studio disaster. Instead, we bring you Episode 29 a week early.

Previously on Star Trek Voyager: Commander Chakotay slipped through a temporal chasm and found himself in the latter half of the 20th-century. In order to abide by the Temporal Prime Directive and cause no alterations, he has resigned himself to being a locksmith and thief by the name of Raoul who becomes business partners with a couple who would kill to have the money to open a restaurant. Join us to find out, will Chakotay somehow make it back home, or will he meet an untimely demise by way of frying pan?

Ep. 27 – Heaven’s Gate

“It’s a little wild and a little strange, when you make your home out on the range. Start your horse and come along, but you can’t get a ride if you can’t hold on; singing, Hippy-ti-yi-yay, like the cowboy’s say…”

This week we head out West. To a place where the struggle of the masses versus the one percent have rarely been clearer. In this three hour forty minute film, you’ll laugh with delight and cry out in horror, because again, it’s three hours and forty minutes. We dare you to watch it all. Then you can decide, is this film an overlooked treasure, or should it be relegated to the landfill of bloated hollywood films from days-gone-by?

Ep. 26 – The Kid with a Bike

Awful childhoods seem to be a bit of a common theme, but at least we’re not headed back into Ratcatcher territory this week. Instead we get to follow young Cyril (and his bike) on an adventure to find a home despite a deadbeat father, a drug-dealing conman, and his penchant for wild actions involving scissors. Join us for the previously lost (but now found) episode where we look at The Kid with a Bike.