Ep. 18 – Black Moon

It’s a Battle Royale between the sexes, complete with singing flowers, scratchy millipedes, and the ungodly spawn of a donkey and a unicorn. Meanwhile Troy is sacked by those tricksy Greeks and hawks are murdered with axes. Children frolic, pure and innocent, through the meadows with lambs and hogs, all while military combatants infiltrate the secure borders of this peaceful, pastoral retreat from the world. Rather than speech, let movements and touch be your language—unless you’re stuck in bed, in which case you should just stick to your HAM radio.

Are you a bit confused? Thinking that the authors of the Correction are somehow chemically impaired as they write this introduction? Fear not! You’re just not ready for the masterclass in cinema that is Louis Malle’s Black Moon.

No, seriously, that donkey/unicorn hybrid will haunt your dreams!

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