Ep. 15 – Purple Noon

Being filthy rich can have its disadvantages, especially when stealing someone’s identity is as simple as pasting a photo of yourself into someone’s passport. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself murdered by a purported childhood friend who then decides to steal your money and seduce your fianceé, Marge. Poor Phillipe Greanleaf—he just wasn’t prepared for the dastardly (and frequently improvised) schemes of Tom Ripley. Don’t feel bad, though: Phillipe was a bit of a jerk, and a certain incident involving the loss of Marge’s prized manuscript at sea might leave you cheering for Phillipe’s untimely demise.

If you enjoyed The Talented Mr. Ripley…please give us some idea why this movie is titled Purple Noon. And join us as we decide whether we want this as part of our collection, or if we think it should be cast out into the ocean in a burlap sack.

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