Ep. 13 – Badlands

In this classic picture, Joe Estevez’s brother (some guy named Martin Sheen) gives us a glimpse of life on the run with his 15-year old girlfriend/accomplice, Holly. This melancholy tales asks the deepest of questions, such as: if Martin Sheen could write a song, would it really be as touching as one written by Nat King Cole? And should a murderous outlaw be compared to the sexy allure of James Dean? Oh, and how important is a good hat to a guy’s image? Join us as we head out into the plains to figure out the deepest meanings of life, the universe, and everything.

Also, we’re very pleased to introduce the new theme song for the Criterion Correction, composed by Chris Wrigley of Bunhaüs Jingles at podcastthemesongs.com

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  1. Thanks again guys, love the podcast!

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