Month: April 2016

Ep. 13 – Badlands

In this classic picture, Joe Estevez’s brother (some guy named Martin Sheen) gives us a glimpse of life on the run with his 15-year old girlfriend/accomplice, Holly. This melancholy tales asks the deepest of questions, such as: if Martin Sheen could write a song, would it really be as touching as one written by Nat King Cole? And should a murderous outlaw be compared to the sexy allure of James Dean? Oh, and how important is a good hat to a guy’s image? Join us as we head out into the plains to figure out the deepest meanings of life, the universe, and everything.

Also, we’re very pleased to introduce the new theme song for the Criterion Correction, composed by Chris Wrigley of Bunhaüs Jingles at

Ep. 12 – Seconds

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? Trade in your day job so that you could focus on what really matters? Do you feel like all you need to be happy is to fake your own death, undergo extensive reconstructive surgery, and ditch your wife and kids? If so, then have we got a deal for you. No, there’s no phone number to call, no webpage to visit, but if you’re just lucky enough to know someone inside the ritziest pyramid scheme in town, then you might just have a shot of getting in touch with the company that will make your dreams come true. Or, you know, the company that enables you to make all the same mistakes over again before forcing you to bring someone else into the fold. Join us for one of *ROCK HUDSON*‘s (emphasis mandatory) classic roles in Seconds.

Ep. 11 – Dazed and Confused

Man, we get older, but Dazed and Confused stays the same age.  Wait, no it doesn’t; it obeys the same regulations of linear time as everything else in the universe does.  But, as a film that provides ample prosecutorial evidence for anyone who doesn’t like Ben Affleck, the template for early Matthew McConaughey, a singing Mila Jovovich, and Richard Linklater at his most rambling, Dazed and Confused certainly still proves to be of interest.  Right?  I mean, alright alright alright?

Ep. 10 – Lady Snowblood

Were you born to run? Or born to kill? Yeah…that’s not a rhetorical question, because Yuki was born for the sole purpose of avenging her mother. So there’s going to be just the slightest bit of emotional baggage in this movie. Adapted from a manga of the same name, Lady Snowblood presents us with tale about the true cost of revenge. Likewise, I’d also be interested to know the true cost of the “blood geyser” practical effects technology in this film.

There can be only one!

Wait, this is the second female-lead character in a Japanese flick we’ve watched named Yuki?

Okay, two then.