Ep. 07 – The Man Who Fell to Earth

“Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven?” If you’re David Bowie the answer is a strong…maybe. Crash landing in a pond on Earth can’t be pleasant, after all. So today we look at one of Bowie’s most striking roles. No, not Jared the Goblin King, but rather Thomas Jerome Newton: a Steve Jobs figure–if Steve Jobs was an alien creature almost entirely unfamiliar with the ways of earth yet carrying a slew of highly technological patents which he uses to attempt to raise enough money to build a ship to get back home to provide water from earth to save his dying world. So…yeah, he’s essentially Steve Jobs (minus the water thing). Join us this week as we pay tribute to Ziggy Stardust and take note of the fact that Rip Torn was consorting with aliens long before heading up the MIB.

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